Fall Leaf Swag

After the owls (http://rebekahmingus.com/weekend-craft/) our favorite seasonal craft this fall has been making a home made leaf swag. Collect colorful leaves from the ground. The ground part is important. If they are still on the tree they will have too much moisture and turn brown after a week. Dip in melted beeswax. Be sure to cover even the stems. I found that dipping one end, letting the leaf dry, then dipping the other end gave great results. We do ours in a designated mini crock pot. When dry, cut packaging twine to desired length and use clothes pins to secure leaves.

Here is a nicely written blog post on the process. http://craftingagreenworld.com/2011/10/09/how-to-preserve-autumn-leaves-with-melted-beeswax/

Have a fantastic Saturday! I’m off on an all day date with my hubby :) Back to life history on Monday.

Swag above living room window.

Section of swag.

Single maple leaf.


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  1. kristine says:

    pure inspiration Rebekah! I am still looking at those red and orange drenched leaves in my neighborhood wondering when am I going to wax them to decorate my house

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